About NUCPP®

Mike Walden
- President -


Sherman Liimatainen
- Vice President -


Our Mission Statement

NUCPP® services exist to ensure pension funds of hardworking Americans remain solvent and beneficial to all members, retired and active. NUCPP® services are steadfast in the concerted effort to educate, inform and advocate for accountability, reform and restoration of multiemployer pension funds. NUCPP® services exist to make a difference and develop new standards to safeguard Central States Pension Funds and all multiemployer pension funds. NUCPP® promotional services promote public awareness of the need to protect and reform pensions to ensure solvency for multi-employer defined pension fund participants.

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Who We Are

NUCPP® services are provided by a nationwide group of local and regional independent committees of retired & active workers dedicated to preserving our earned pension plan benefits, Social Security benefits, and Medicare benefits. NUCPP® services are provided under the umbrella of a 501(c)5 non-profit organization.

NUCPP® services are guided by the leadership of Mike Walden and Sherman Liimatainen, both of whom are leading the fight to save our hard earned pensions. Both Mike and Sherman are well known in the halls of the Congress of the United States. NUCPP® lobbying services include Mike and Sherman regularly carrying out the cause directly to United States Senators and Representatives.

What We Do

NUCPP® services include lobbying Congress, other organizations, employers, unions, and allies to keep the pensions of hardworking Americans solvent.

NUCPP® services also include a legal defense fund which has full time attorneys, by our side, to defend any opposition to our pensions. With this fund NUCPP® services are able to directly support our allies, employers, and active and retired participants that either currently, or sometime in the future, have their funds challenged.